Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why does Maria gorge and vomit?

Gorgeous Maria
I mentioned Maria's gorging, choking and vomiting in an earlier post.What causes this is a bit of a mystery but we know it's fairly common in RTS children and seems to be connected with the CREBBP gene. 

RTS children are typically below average height and some suffer from being overweight or obese. Chances are the overweight problem is down to diet but you have to watch the vomiting in case it leads to malnutrition.

As Maria gets older she's managed to control the choking and vomiting. We encourage this by reminding her to bite and chew her food before swallowing. We also point out when she has stuffed her mouth with too much food. She's making slow but steady progress in all these areas and her behaviour is much influenced by her peers at school. But it would seem she behaves differently at school than at home. For example, the school maintains they never see her gorging when she eats her lunch, whereas she does it all the time at home. Curious! 

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